Sunday, June 25, 2006


Welcome back!

Welcome back !!!
I hope everyone had a well rested holiday and turbo-charged for Semester Two’s activities. This is an important time for you as all the hard work you have and will put in must translate into achieving the goals you have set for your studies. I hope the engaging discussions we’ve had thus far continues to grow. It was enjoyable reading about the movies and books you watched/read. A HUGE thank you to those who added to the richness of the learning through your responses! I’m all set to hear your views and look forward to the rich exchange of ideas.

Your views please:
How do you feel about trying out new things or exploring uncharted territories (new experiences/activities etc.). If you had an opportunity to do something new, what would you do and why?

Please respond in the guest book by 3 July. Comment on your friends’ postings (at least two).Same GROUND RULES apply.

Monday, April 10, 2006


Book/Movie Review

Hi everyone,
I hope you had a fun time learning about the meanings of your names!

Have you read a good book or watched an interesting, chair-gripping movie recently? Write a review on it and say what you thought about it. Focus on the storyline, issues discussed and give your response to it. Of course, not forgetting your STAR RATING.

Please respond in the guest book by 25 April. Comment on your friends’ postings (at least two).
Same GROUND RULES apply.

Have fun learning English.,

Monday, March 13, 2006


What's in a name?

Hi everyone,
I hope you had the opportunity to read the article, Excuse Me, Are You Really Parsley? featured in the IN paper (6/3). Do you know of friends or acquaintances who have such unique names. What are your views about parents who named their children with unusual names (Fonzarelli, Milo, Pebble) Share your thoughts and also include the meaning of your name. Thanks.

P.S please respond in the guestbook latest by 25 March.Comment on your friends' postings (at least 2) from your class.

Click hear to find out the meaning of your name

Ground Rules
No vulgarities
positive and insightful comments
Be participative
Lets have fun (:

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